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Nora Sudduth, Co-founder of Hello Audio is a leading marketing & conversion strategist who has helped businesses sell over $500M of products & services online. She’s also designed several courses, coaching and certification programs that have generated millions more.

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Favorite Quotes

“The one thing every consumer is gonna look for before they put that credit card down is the increased likelihood of success or certainty.  How certain am I that this investment is going to pay off? Because I’m looking at the trade-off and the return on investment.” compared to what I know I’m spending on gas and groceries. As a business owner or creator, you need to convey that higher likelihood of certainty. And how do you do that through these stories?”

“I think private podcasts could be the new inbox. There’s less noise in someone’s podcast app and people are more likely to look at it. But you need to make that headline compelling.”

“Private podcasts work really well for any time you’re delivering a result. This is an effective use of being able to share those customer stories in order to either help provide reassurance and increase the likelihood of success for that perspective investor or prospective buyer.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to make client success stories relatable and relevant for your audience base
  • Using testimonials to gain valuable feedback from users
  • How these types of stories help in understanding the emotional components of customers’ decisions
  • Private podcasts as effective and authentic tools for selling vs. sales pages
  • Approaching testimonials, not through the lens of success but through ideas and connection 
  • What you should be looking for in a success story

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