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Eleanor Beaton is the founder of SafiMedia, an education & coaching company for women entrepreneurs. SafiMedia is committed to advancing global gender equity one woman-owned business at a time. Together with her colleagues, Eleanor is on a mission to double the number of women entrepreneurs who scale past $1M in revenue by 2030.

Eleanor hosts the Power + Presence + Position podcast, a top-ranked podcast for female founders with over 1.5 million downloads to date. The former chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management, Eleanor has been featured in publications including The Globe & Mail, The Atlantic, CBC, Chatelaine, and more.

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Favorite Quotes

“As women, we need to have these conversations and stop taking the bake sale approach: bake the cookies and sell them. No. How about we start really creating assets and thinking about an ecosystem of growth rather than putting it all on our own back and growing through our labor?”

“The key to a sustainable business is packaged standardized offerings. So a business will start with a lot of bespoke services. And I think that’s really a powerful way (to start) and you can always have a portion of your business be bespoke. But if you truly wanna scale, you’re going to need to start standardizing through group programs, courses or standardized services.”

“We’re living through this epidemic of overwhelm. There can certainly be a huge amount of ease and flow. But the reality is there are parts of a business that are hard. And sometimes you just have to choose your hard.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What’s holding female entrepreneurs back from meeting their revenue goals and milestones
  • How to build an ecosystem that supports your business minus the overwhelm
  • Scaling through standardized vs. bespoke services
  • The ability to “choose your hard” in the times there’s lack of ease and flow
  • Avoiding the trap of comparisonitis with everyone else’s Instagram highlights

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