About Laura

Dr. Laura DeCesaris is a functional medicine doctor who serves as a health and performance coach for busy, driven women. She helps female entrepreneurs align their brain and body for optimal health so they can maintain their high-performance lifestyle without burning out.

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Favorite Quotes

“As women, when it comes to our health and our body, we’ve grown up in a way that’s very disconnected with them.”

“So many of the women I work with who are very driven, motivated entrepreneurs, their level of normal, what they can handle, is so much more than the average person’s. It’s all relative. So from person to person, burnout can feel very different.”

“ Don’t be afraid to make sure you’re doing things that really light you up and keep you excited.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How our own health – mental and physical – is crucial to effectively run our businesses
  • How health shouldn’t be a standalone bucket
  • Trusting your intuition and how your body responds to situations
  • Avoiding burnout by understanding not every person’s level of productivity or intensity is the same
  • Why burnout and depression can go hand-in-hand (and how to avoid both!)
  • Daily routines to help you get into a healthier state

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