About Violet

Violet Rainwater is a catalyst for healthy workplaces and helps teams thrive through her interactive keynotes and Innovative workshops. As a high-achieving, top-performing sales professional, Violet experienced a complete mental collapse because of debilitating anxiety from decades of running on empty. From this experience, Violet has dedicated her life to empowering entrepreneurs, sales teams, and leaders with the tools and resources she discovered that transformed her life and business.

Violet brings a powerful framework for operating at our highest level. With a background in corporate sales in the financial service industry,

She’s been a rainmaker from early on in her career. She is a multi-time, Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier – a designation held by less than 8 percent of all financial professionals. Now, Violet is a transformational speaker and sales architect, delivering impactful and engaging keynotes and training that fuse human behavior, real-world experience, and high-energy fun. Professionals walk away equipped, engaged, and energized with an innovative toolbox to operate at peak performance – without sacrificing wellbeing.

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Favorite Quotes

“I can choose what I want to think about, but in reality, it’s not that simple. So the mindset is not the cause – it’s the effect. The cause is how we were programmed. I like to call it your vibe set: how your energy was set at a really young age.”

“When we’re triggered, we are not in a peaceful state. And a peaceful state is our natural state and that’s the state we want to respond to. We never want to respond when we’re triggered, angry or terrified.”

“People are suffering every day and they don’t have to. And not only are they suffering, but they’re also not sharing their gifts. They’re not shining their light. And that’s what the world needs. We need more people to shine in the light.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What’s holding us back from being our best selves
  • Everyday triggers that can negatively impact our businesses
  • Mindsets that we need to mend – or unleash
  • Actionable steps towards the journey of healing

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