• If you were really passionate about one of the other areas, you could have grown any of them. But we can’t grow multiple different businesses at the same time and hit those big goals and niching down. But when you’re brave enough to do it and take action, it pays off.
  • Best thing about Nicole is that she implements like crazy. She’s not just joining programs and consuming all the content. She takes strategic action and makes moves.
  • The Best Month Ever program was, in fact, her best month ever. It was so fun. Just the excitement and the momentum gained from it. It really propelled her business forward. And the relationships formed with the other people who participated in that group, whom she still connects with to this day. I’m still connecting with those ladies today.
  • She is thankful for that, especially since she is an introvert. She got to know people more one on one instead of just a course all the work is just handed out. And you don’t know who that person is that created the course or the person behind it. And that’s why I love the Lady Biz Accelerator. It truly is hands-on.
  • The bread and butter of Nicole’s business is her monthly management clients (managing Pinterest/overall strategy of client’s presence on Pinterest, growing traffic from Pinterest to their website)
  • Mindset shifts:
    • “I’m giving them a lot. I’m helping them grow so much. This is long term gains. Even if we stopped working together today, five years down the road Pinterest is still going to be sending them traffic and growing their business. And what I do is valuable and worth it.”
    • “I am sharing, I’m open to abundance. Because if I was the only Pinterest person, it still doesn’t mean I’m gonna have everybody who wants to work with me. Personality and fit, that’s a big key to that.”
    • “Every month in the Lady Biz, I’m like oh my gosh, all my bills are due, what am I gonna do? I went from a job that was a guaranteed paycheck every other week. Now it’s like nothing’s guaranteed. I have to keep my clients and I have to be successful.”
    • “And I don’t go out and say I need clients. I used to say that before Jaclyn worked her magic on me. And even during the summer when things were slow, I was reading You’re a Badass at Making Money, and really working on that mindset and being open.”
    • “I had an abundance of time at that point so I really spent that time in investing in my mindset and changing how I felt about money.”
    • “But even reading Profit First, setting money aside for taxes and being grateful that I get to work for myself and pay those taxes instead of working for a corporate job where somebody pays those taxes on my behalf.”
    • “To also shift the mindset to gratitude has been really powerful.”
    • She is now grateful to have that time abundance.
    • To have the resilience and the determination and to know that your success depends on you and you alone – that’s when the magic’s gonna happen.


More About Nicole: Founder and owner of Saunders Says, a Pinterest Marketing Agency, Nicole is the Go-To Gal for Pinterest marketing! She lives outside of Charlotte, NC with her husband and three instagram famous dogs.

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