As we wrap up our topic of networking, here is our July roundup. Our guests are sharing their BEST tips for building relationships in-person.


Building RelationshipsBio: Nancy Roberts is a national speaker, trainer and consultant helping companies hire the right people by assessing the underlying factors of performance. She is a Certified Behavioral Analyst but better known by her clients as The DISC Wizard as they say it is like she has “a crystal ball” when it comes to predicting how candidates will perform.



Building Relationships

Bio: Mollie Macarthy: The journey of Mood Swing Wines has been about poking fun at menopause through delightfully tasting wines while providing a platform to inspire and encourage women to embrace this time in their lives. Mood Swing Wines has given Mollie the opportunity to travel globally and provide comedic relief on stage. Mollie is also your hostess to high end Inspire>Transform>Connect retreats to thousands of women in such places as Bali, India and Italy all the while in hand sipping a glass of Zin-O-Pause.

Her message to women of all ages especially those entering mid life is to “live vicariously through their own lives” re-create an extraordinary life and create your own adventures.