Episode #53. You can’t make the best, most strategic and smart decisions for your business without doing some sort of number crunching. Right, Gals? Well, Stephanie Skryzowski is here to help us understand our numbers on a whole new level and actually use them to achieve our goals.

It turns out, looking at your numbers can actually be fun. Don’t believe me? You may hate pulling out your excel sheets because you’re looking at them with the wrong perspective. Tune in now for a conversation on numbers that will have you thinking about your business in a whole new way.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The self-limiting money mindsets Stephanie sees in entrepreneurs
  • What small steps you can take today to get comfortable with your numbers
  • Why you need to take a ‘CFO day’ every month for your business
  • How you’re missing out on the fun part of looking at your numbers!
  • Stephanie’s way of thinking about your expenses strategically to get more done
  • How to invest in your business for growth without trashing your budget
  • The financial key to stop resenting your business when it comes to paying yourself

If we look over what we're actually doing, we might be more set up for success than we even realize.

Favorite Quotes

“The exciting part of digging into your numbers is looking forward.”

“There are people who treat themselves like employees. Their business is a paycheck.”

“If we look over what we’re actually doing, we might be more set up for success than we even realize.”

Discussed on the Show:

Profit First

Stephanie’s Profit Playbook

More about Stephanie:

Stephanie Skryzowski is a Chief Financial Officer that helps purpose-driven leaders better understand and use their numbers to make smart decisions. She is the Founder and CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting which works with clients around the globe to help them do more and serve more. When she is not crunching the numbers or hanging out in Excel, Stephanie is hanging out with her husband and toddler daughter.

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