Episode #39. It’s time for an on-air coaching call! In this episode, Laura Burns joins me to talk about her exciting move to the online world. We get into the key points of choosing a niche, building a community and having client success.

Whether you’re going from local to online, branching out with another business model or ready to go big with your biz online, you’ll gain great insights from this episode. Get ready for major inspiration and listen now!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • When and where to start thinking about a niche
  • What to think about as you build and diversify online
  • They key to online business success
  • What type of niching could be best for your business
  • When targeting clients in a state of desperation doesn’t work
  • The one question that will help you serve AND market better
  • Why it’s OK to ignore demographics when choosing your niche


Favorite Quotes:

“For you to grow online, you need to become the Go-to Gal.”

“You can niche what you do very specifically or you can niche who you talk to very specifically.

“Pick a niche you love, that you’re excited about and really want to grow a community with.”

Discussed on the Show:

More about Laura:

Laura Burns is a Certified Personal Trainer, Macro Nutrition Coach, and the founder of Unleashed Fitness.

Her journey in the fitness space did not start off as is typical. Having earned a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University at Buffalo, Laura quickly realized post college that corporate America in the traditional sense was not for her. Living a healthy lifestyle and finding the perfect balance between fitness and nutrition has always been of great importance to Laura. It was through this passion for health and fitness, and a long withstanding desire to help others live healthier lifestyles, that she decided to leave her position in the corporate world to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

Her passion for helping others find a fitness and nutrition routine that fits their lifestyle and goals shines through in her customized workout programs and meal plans. Through in-person and online personal training, her goal is to provide you with the motivation, accountability, and knowledge you need to reach your fitness and nutrition goals, while also enjoying life.

Find Laura: