Episode # 179. What if you used the numbers behind your marketing efforts to make better business decisions? This is one area that can be challenging for business owners because when we think of marketing, we don’t always think about systems. Natasha Vorompiova is a metrics whisperer who loves to know all the numbers behind marketing and use those to drive decisions! Wish you could systemize and simplify your marketing efforts? Listen now to learn more about optimizing marketing in your business and connecting intuition with numbers to figure out what’s next.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why looking at the numbers behind marketing can make all the difference
  • The key to building a customer journey that converts your audience
  • How to systematize marketing so your team is on the same page
  • What numbers you can use to track your Marketing ROI 
  • How to connect your intuition with your numbers 
  • When to change and optimize your marketing system

Favorite Quotes

“I remember giving up on so many amazing ideas because I just couldn’t scale them. The reason I couldn’t scale them was because I couldn’t see how my numbers could guide me to what I actually needed to do.”

“I know that numbers are not fun for everybody. But it stops being tracking numbers for number’s sake, and becomes this guiding light. I really love relying on my intuition when it comes to coming up with ideas. Numbers become that indicator of ‘Okay, is this working? Is this not working?’ I get to test different ideas using numbers. To me, this is the best combination of intuition and numbers.”

“When something doesn’t work, the very first step is to actually step back and realistically look at, ‘Okay, what numbers do I need to be working with for them to actually work?’ If I don’t know what that looks like I can ask somebody who has a similar business model.”

More About Natasha:

Natasha Vorompiova is the founder of Systemsrock and metrics whisper, who deeply loves analytics and numbers. She uses her dark magic to help her clients do the impossible: turn the giant, confusing, and expensive scramble of marketing funnels into a streamlined ROI-producing machine.

As a result of their work together, Natasha’s clients begin seeing how their marketing is driving sales so they can sell more and grow their businesses in an intentional, predictable way.

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