2017 is your year to really grow your business right?  And to do so, you KNOW you have to surround yourself with successful, amazing and getting.it.done mamas who are fighting the good fight with you.

Well, what better of a way than to join some of your biz besties at a conference or two this year?

Conference, pow-wow, convention, retreat, summit- whatever you’re calling it, it’s still the place to meet fellow business mamas, from literally across the country- if not the world- and learn, build and grow together.

Some are more informational in style and get down to business right away.

Others are a jam-packed weekend of laughter, dance parties and sisterhood.

No matter what you’re looking for, trust me, it’s out there.  But more than anything, these gatherings are incredible opportunities to see something that is working for someone else, learn from the things that didn’t and network your little butt off.

So, you just go… and that’s it, right?

Bring a pencil?

Jot some notes down…

Go home and make it happen, right?

Well, not exactly.

We’re Mamas after all and as always, our families come first.  We spend weeks mentally packing, then days trying to dig spit-free clothes out from the bottom of our closets, and the hours leading up to leaving going over every.single.emergency.detail with our hubbies or loved ones- who are obviously more than capable… but hey, we worry!

And somewhere in the midst of simultaneously worrying and doing a happy dance that we get to where our long, shiny and totally not kid friendly necklaces again, we forget to actually get ready to put a plan together!

The before, during and after are equally important to ensuring that these investments are not only a lasting wealth of information, but also something worth your coin, yanno?

That’s why we got a retreat roundup of inside tips from conference veterans and enthusiasts, to help you get the most of your upcoming events!

Ok, spill it: How do our Mamas make the most of the events they go to this year?

My biggest advice would be to decide what type of event you really need to attend – a conference, a retreat or a workshop.  They each serve different purposes.  You attend a conference to be inspired and to be around like minded people.  A retreat helps you to relax, recharge and refocus your efforts in your business.  And, lastly a workshop educates you and help you to get things done for your business.  If you know where the needs are, this makes the decision that much easier!

Your advice will help…

They won’t waste money.  The worst feeling is spending money on an event that did not help you to move the needle forward in your business.  As a business owner, strategic spending is very essential.

Any other quick tips, do’s or don’ts?

Don’t attend an event because everyone else is going to be there!  Make sure the event is right for you and your business.


Makeda Mutema-Newton, Conference Connector at Conference Connection

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Ok, spill it: How do our Mamas make the most of the events they go to this year?

My advice is to go up to people and freaking TALK to them it’s scary but easy!! “Hello, we’ve never met…. I’m Julia! So tell me, what keeps you busy?” I never ask “what do you do” LAME-O and this lets someone get creative with their answer.

Your advice will help…

You never know where your next biz bestie, referral partner, client or even someone YOU need to hire is. The last even I went to I perked up when someone started talking funnels. It was the ONE thing I needed help with. I felt like this person was the missing piece of my marketing puzzle. I didn’t buy what the coach was selling I knew that THAT was the connection I was meant to make at that event and we are working together on creating my evergreen sales funnel for my marketing courses.

Any other quick tips, do’s or don’ts?

Don’t bury your face in your phone – FACE TO FACE not FACE TO PHONE!


Julia Slike, Julia Slike & Co. Creative Director + Soul Marketing Strategist at Julia Slike

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Ok, spill it: How do our Mamas make the most of the events they go to this year?

Connections are one of the best parts of going to a conference or retreat. Sure, the speakers and panels are always amazing and full of knowledge, but don’t forget to make some amazing new business besties. They’re likely in the same (or similar) stage of business as you are, so you can support each other and hold each other accountable as you grow.

So don’t be afraid to go to a conference or retreat where you don’t know anyone. You will meet people. Lots of people. Amazing people. In fact, I would actually advise you to go to one where you KNOW you won’t know anyone. And if you do, don’t always room with them/sit with them/hole up in the corner with them. Give yourselves freedom to make new friends. You honestly never know who you’re going to meet!

Your advice will help…

I went to a conference knowing nobody, and now i have the BEST weekly group that I honestly couldn’t do business without at this point. You might find yourself with new collaborations, a new business partner, or just new friends. It’s a win-win….win.

Any other quick tips, do’s or don’ts?

Don’t think you’re already too far in your business to attend. Or that you’re not far enough. I promise that, wherever you are in your business path, you will find so much information and inspiration at your conference/retreat.


Amy Braswell of PaperFinch Design

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Ok, spill it: How do our Mamas make the most of the events they go to this year?

Most events host a Facebook group prior to the event. I suggest cozying up with people inside that group and really getting to know them before the event. It goes along way once you meet someone to have already have had an initial connection.

Your advice will help…

Events tend to go really fast and people are usually more shy than you would think. When somebody recognizes you from Facebook they automatically feel a connection to you. It’s a great way to connect with more people than if you were starting from scratch with everybody.

Any other quick tips, do’s or don’ts?

I’m a big fan of feeling good all the time and meeting my own needs. I would say, don’t feel like you need to keep up with everything and be everywhere. Showing up refreshed and vibrant will go a long way, rather than burning yourself out and burning the candle at both ends. Get sleep!


Jaya Rose, The Visibility Queen at Jaya Rose

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Ok, spill it: How do our Mamas make the most of the events they go to this year?

Look for conferences that have a community aspect to them so you can connect with your fellow conference goers beforehand. When you kinda sorta know someone enough to be friendly and you experience the power that is an in-person conference…THAT’S where the magic is.

Your advice will help…

The magic is being able to go up to anyone at the conference and feel like you already have somewhat of an “in.” It makes networking and building those golden connections MUCH easier when you’ve started connecting with them beforehand first.

Any other quick tips, do’s or don’ts?

Totally don’t schedule ANYTHING client related for the 48 hours after you get home. You’ll crash when you finally make it back home from the energy high you were on at the event and the only thing that will sound like fun is PJ’s and Nextflix in bed all day.


Meghan Maydel, Badass Sales Funnel + Marketing Strategist at Meghan Maydel

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Ok, spill it: How do our Mamas make the most of the events they go to this year?

Initiate connections. Making connections is key… but be sure to take the initiative to get their contact information. Don’t except them to reach out to YOU.

How will they benefit the most from taking your advice?

This opens the door for you reach out after the event. You have their information and you’ve already told them you’ll call/email/send smoke signals they’re way. This will help eliminate the post-event meltdown of “I wish I would have talked to ____!”

Any other quick tips, do’s or don’ts?

‘Go for the sale.’ Yes, we’re all in business to make money. However, this is not the time. Don’t be that icky person shoving their products/services down everyone’s throat. Make your goal to make the CONNECTION, not the sale.


Jessica Rasdall, Speaker + Coach at JessicaRasdall.com

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Jessica StansberryOk, spill it: How do our Mamas make the most of the events they go to this year?

MINGLE! One of the biggest “perks” of conferences and retreats is that you get to meet so many new people and make so many new connections; the thing is, we can get caught-up sitting and conversing with the same people throughout the whole thing and not really branch out so, do yourself a favor and make a conscious effort to make connections with more than just a few people.

Your advice will help…

The more people who connect with, the more friendships you’ll make and the bigger your network will be. Nobody ever wanted less friends and a smaller network, right?

Any other quick tips, do’s or don’ts?

Don’t drink too much and be sloppy. Everybody likes having fun and being around people who are also having fun but when you get sloppy, it decreases your credibility and really does more harm than good.


Jessica Stansberry, Owner at Hey Jessica

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Jaclyn HeadshotOk, spill it: How do our Mamas make the most of the events they go to this year?

Be intentional. Gosh, just typing that seems like it’s such an obvious answer, or worse- a fluffy response, but hear me out. Be intentional about the events you are attending and WHY you chose those events. Be intentional about planning for the event, what you need to do to prepare, who do you need to connect with, etc. Be intentional with HOW YOU SHOW UP… what do you want your fellow attendees to remember about you? Be intentional with how you take action. And don’t forget to set aside some time to reflect, reread and rewrite your notes- dig deeper and gain clarity through journaling- and SHARE your thoughts, feelings, and findings!

Your advice will help…

This thoughtful and intentional approach will help you turn a fun and informative event into a truly transformational experience!

Any other quick tips, do’s or don’ts?

Don’t think that just showing up is enough. The TRUE benefits begin AFTER the hugs goodbye and flights home. Put a plan in place to turn your newfound clarity and ideas into action, your leads into sales, and your new connections into genuine, long-lasting relationships!


Jaclyn Mellone, Mindset + Marketing Mentor and the Mama behind Chasing Dreams and Littles

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Obviously, these mamas know their stuff, #AmIRight?

There is no shortage of amazing insights, “Note to Self” tips and ways to truly take advantage of these great opportunities for networking, education and growth!

And as a mama, I know how hard it can be to take the time, money and energy away from our families to make these events happen… but can I share one more, tiny secret with you?

These real life face-to-face retreats and conferences do more than just grow our businesses.  They give us time to rejuvenate ourselves.  To have a few moments to breathe.  And to truly come back a better person for ourselves, our families and our businesses, than when we left.

And even if we wanted to go to every conference available- time, distance and money are probably factors, making these events few and far between.  But don’t forget to keep up with all of the amazing, like-minded ladies you meet along the way.  With Facebook groups… like my Chasing Dreams + Littles #TheJuggleIsReal…  email, snail mail, texting or my personal favorite, Voxer, this is thankfully, easier than ever!

You never know if you’re meeting your next biz bestie or your new, favorite client!