Comparison sometimes feels like this disease all entrepreneurs have, something I like to call comparisonitis. This tricky little infection is something we try our best to avoid by unfollowing every jealousy-inducing feed and staying in our own protective bubble. But friends, this is putting yourselves at a disadvantage!

In this episode, I aim to help you channel your comparisonitis to actually get where you want to be. Because avoiding it is just keeping you stuck. Are you in for a mindset makeover? Listen in now!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The sneaky way comparison shows up in your business
  • How comparisonitis is actually an amazing opportunity
  • Why Marie Kondo-ing your feeds of competition may hurt you
  • What your brain is trying to tell you through comparison
  • How to work with your comparisonitis to create success
  • Why you need clarity on the type of success you crave

Go-To Gal Podcast with Jaclyn Mellone

Favorite Quotes

“We don’t compare ourselves to the most successful, most accomplished people. We compare ourselves to the people who are just a few steps ahead of us.”

“Your brain acknowledges that you can have what you are comparing yourself to. It unlocks frustration because you aren’t there yet.”

“We think that someone is going to pull us on stage and acknowledge the work we’re doing. The reality is, that’s not how it goes down.”

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