Episode #168. Is your freebie lost among others in a full inbox? Are you still working on a freebie strategy that will actually work? Glenn Allen is here with a ‘Golden Lead Magnet’ strategy to take your freebie from lost to loved. In this episode, we talk about getting traffic and turning that traffic into profit with freebie strategies that work. Listen now and you’ll find out how to put your opt-in on the map of memorable freebies.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to approach building your audience with borrowed traffic
  • The freebie strategy of aligning content with the topics you’re pitching
  • Why you want to open up next level problems for your audience
  • How the ‘golden lead magnet’ process will inject engagement into your opt-in
  • The trick to reworking your current freebies into this show stopping strategy
Getting your name out there is one thing and having a bunch of followers on Instagram is another, but those things don't necessarily equate to having a business.

Favorite Quotes

“What gets people is you. You’re the personality. That’s your business. Then it makes perfect sense to show that brilliance and get people to see what it’s like to learn from you and hear your expertise.”

“Getting your name out there is one thing and having a bunch of followers on Instagram is another, but those things don’t necessarily equate to having a business.”

“Creators and thought leaders need people and content. You need audiences. So they’re going to promote you and you’re going to promote them. It’s very mutually beneficial.”

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Glenn Allen is “The Go-To CMO of Digital Course Launches.” As a multi-instrumental musician-turned marketing and business consultant, Glenn coaches online entrepreneurs to scale from five to six-figure businesses and beyond by helping them turn their expertise into digital courses and membership sites. He’s the host of the Glenn Allen Show, a YouTube video series about digital marketing, and a podcast on entrepreneurialism called “Unstuck & Unstoppable.” He also works as an unpaid volunteer chef, housekeeper, and chauffeur for three small children who refer to him lovingly as “Dad.”

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