Episode #85. The brilliant co-founders of TRUWOMEN, Stephanie and Erica, are here and they are sharing all their insights on launching a product and taking the big, big journey to make their business a success. In our conversation, you’ll get an inside look into their transformative rebrand, how they work together as co-founders long distance and how they made their company really freaking cool. Listen now for a mega-dose of inspiration!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Erica and Stephanie went from being friends to co-founders
  • Why a rebrand can change everything down to the psychology of your audience
  • What goes into creating a balanced partnership between co-founders
  • How TRUWOMEN invests in other women through their business
  • What it takes to create a brand that people are raving about
  • The social media relationship-building strategy that might surprise you

People say hang out with the smart kids. We hang out with the cool kids and align ourselves with them.

Favorite Quotes:

“There is going to be a few years of grind and blood, sweat and tears for something you wholeheartedly believe in.”

“I had to be a good leader and, in order to do that, I had to let things go that went wrong.”

“People say, ‘Hang out with the smart kids.’ We hang out with the cool kids and align ourselves with them.”

More About Stephanie and Erica:

Erica & Stephanie are both co-founders of TRUWOMEN, a company that creates plant-fueled, indulgent protein bars with women in mind. TRUWOMEN’s products, team, and company are all about empowering women and creating the world we want to see!

TRUWOMEN was founded on the premise that protein bars weren’t offering what most women sought after in a bar. The more Stephanie and Erica asked women what they wanted to snack on, the stronger they committed themselves to creating clean products that everyone can enjoy. The meaning behind TRUWOMEN lies in their mission; create a product, team, and company that’s all about empowering women and fueling them with plant based ingredients.

This is a women-lead company that is practicing better business and driving a new frontier of leadership for women by elevating and providing opportunities for them. By hiring women and working with female vendors & celebrities, TRUWOMEN is supporting female-founded, female-owned, and female-managed businesses who also elevate women in their prospective businesses. By creating TRUWOMEN, Stephanie and Erica aim to empower this generation while inspiring the next.