Episode #211. Does email marketing ever feel a little generic to you? Is it possible to automate messages and still come across as your authentic self? Bev Feldman, your personal tech fairy and ConvertKit maven is here with answers! I can’t wait for you to hear her unique approach to email automation because I am totally resonating with the way she focuses on connection and trust. Ready to create an email experience that helps you build genuine relationships in a natural way? Press play and let’s get to it!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to look at email marketing through a lens of connection 
  • Why an opt-in thank you page makes a big impact
  • How to relieve the pressure of showing up enough in email
  • Tips for choosing your email platform and when to switch
  • How to ensure subscribers get just the right amount of emails

Favorite Quotes

“Email marketing is all about creating connections with your audience. When people hear automation, they’re like, ‘How could that possibly be a way to connect with your audience?’ It’s all about how you write emails and invite people to actually respond.”

“I strongly believe in setting up automated emails because we all have things come up in our lives, but we want to show up consistently. Sometimes life doesn’t make that very realistic.”

“When I was doing live newsletters, I felt so much pressure, and it almost made it harder to show up live. That’s why I personally like having automated emails set up. They still sound like me, but it alleviates some of that pressure.”

More About Bev:

Love your business but hate dealing with your email marketing platform? Then you need Bev Feldman — Your Personal Tech Fairy! Bev is a jewelry designer turned marketing technology consultant who helps service-based solopreneurs to build seamless automations on ConvertKit so that you can save time, have energy to help your clients, and increase opportunities to earn money from your business without using icky-feeling marketing techniques. Bev loves geeking out on technology, getting online platforms to fit together like a puzzle so that you can nurture relationships through email while you focus your time & energy on the parts of the business that light you up.

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