Episode #202. Empower has become a bit of a buzzword, but I’ve always been drawn it. What does it really mean to be empowered as a girl or woman? Am I empowered? How do I help empower my daughter and the rising generation? Here to share empowerment like you’ve never heard it before is GiRLiFE Founder Melody Pourmoradi.

In this conversation, we talk all things empowerment, why your impactful business doesn’t have to be a non-profit and so much more. Press play now to light yourself up with a little extra empowerment today!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Melody flipped what could’ve been a non-profit into a business 
  • What it really looks like to be empowered and how to model it
  • Why following your passion is an easier path than following money
  • How to teach abundance, allowances and leadership to young girls
  • What abundance really means and how we as entrepreneurs can tap into it
If we want empowerment for our girls, we must be willing to look in the mirror.

Favorite Quotes

“If we want empowerment for our girls, we must be willing to look in the mirror.”

“A lot of people think, ‘I can’t charge for this kind of work.’ We need to change the narrative around not-for-profit and flip it around. Because this work needs to be sustained. The more we step into doing work that adds value to the planet, the better our world will be.”

“There were many people who were so in my corner, like, ‘You’ve got this. This is amazing. It’s totally gonna work.’ I had an equal amount of people who were like, ‘You’re not being realistic. This is not going to work.’ You get to choose which one of those voices you listen to. That’s where intuition comes in.”

More About Melody:

Melody Pourmoradi is on a mission to introduce women and girls alike, to their many superpowers. She is an empowerment coach, author and host of The Empowering Her Podcast.

As founder of the GiRLiFE Certification Program, she trains women how to run impactful and profitable girls empowerment businesses. She is passionate about teaching women that their valuable work in the world deserves to be recognized and compensated. Her greatest goal is for every girl and woman to know that they are powerful beyond measure and that they can create life that lights them up from the inside out.

Melody is married to the love of her life and together they are the proud parents of twin girls.

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