Episode #71. If you’ve ever been lost in the murky waters of Facebook ads, listen up! Tanya Neufeld is here to share her tips from behind the scenes of Facebook. After several years of working at Facebook, Tanya is turning her attention to entrepreneurs and teaching us how to crack the online ad space.

Whether you have ads or have only thought about it, you are going to gain so much perspective from this conversation. Tanya offers a unique lens into online ads—plus insight into the interesting way she’s launched her own business. Tune in now for better ads!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why thinking like a big corporation will uplevel your strategy online
  • How learning online ads will change your perspective on your entire business
  • The reason why your branding matters when it comes to Facebook ads
  • The unique way Tanya launched her group program the second time around
  • Why seeing Facebook ads as only a promotional tool is your biggest mistake
  • What your first step should be if you’re just getting starting with Facebook ads
  • Facebook ad techniques and tips that will change the way you advertise!

If you learn how to do Facebook ads yourself, it will give you a completely different understanding of your own business.

Favorite Quotes:

“If you learn how to do Facebook ads yourself, it will give you a completely different understanding of your own business.”

“Facebook ads are just a new framework of thinking that’s heavy on analytics.”

“Ideal customer avatars can be helpful to a certain extent, but sometimes we make assumptions. Online platforms like Facebook have outsmarted us.”

More about Tanya:

Tanya Neufeld is the Strategiste – a marketing strategist and consultant, a Facebook ads manager, and a growth marketer for female entrepreneurs who are developing or expanding their client base.

By taking the tech overwhelm out of paid ads, she helps them to find their ideal clients and triple their email list reach by developing sustainable, automated systems.

As an ad strategist for companies like Superdry, Domino’s, Unicef, Estee Lauder, Tanya advised CMOs and marketing directors how to use ads effectively and ran millions of dollars in ad spend. She was recruited by Facebook’s European HQ to work with large retail and ecommerce clients in the UK, advising on strategy, branding, creative, and ad sales.

She leverages her ample business experience into her Clients Like Clockwork framework to provide Facebook ads strategy, branding communication clarity, and support for one-on-one sales.

Tanya has been featured on the Your Biggest Vision podcast and on the One for Women blog. A world traveler and yogi, Tanya now calls Ireland home.

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