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We all have those seasons in our life when things are incredibly busy. No matter which direction you look, there is something that needs to be handled. Can you relate? When we are in those seasons where it seems hard to come up for air, we need to make time for still quiet moments. It is wise to take a few moments, take a deep breath and make a plan to keep peaceful moments in spite of the hustle. Even when I am in the midst of an extremely busy season, I work to stay conscious of my need for moments to exhale. Today I’m going to share a few practical tips for maintaining your peace even when you are busy.

Why is it that when we are in a season where things are busy, we tend to loose sight of the importance of balance? In our minds we know we need it in order to stay sane, but for some reason we get moving and forget what it takes to keep us grounded. Here are 3 strategies I implement in my busy seasons to keep me sane.

Rest: This is one we typically know that we need; however we fight it and do everything to avoid it! In every busy season I’ve learned when I allow my body the proper rest it needs I am able to get a lot more accomplished with a clearer mind. When we work from a place of “drain” we actually accomplish less. So, resting looks like totally unplugging from our work and doing the things that give us energy. I think because we typically equate rest with sleep we avoid it, however it really is a process of renewing and strengthening our mind so that we can accomplish more.

Remember you WHY: Have you ever had such a busy season that you began to loose sight of what you were doing and why? This concept piggybacks off of rest. When our minds have had an opportunity to refresh we can continue to flow from a place of overflow. Constant busyness can cause irritability if you loose sight of your purpose. Take a few moments to write down your why, this will help keep that momentum going.

Stay connected: When we get busy, it can be easy to disconnect and get totally focused on our work. It is important to continue to nurture you close relationships even when you are busy. We need to be surrounded by friends and family that can speak life into us and encourage us as we work through our busy seasons. They can also be instrumental in tackling other projects that we may not be able to get to during this season.

I would love to hear how you keep peace in your day to day during busy seasons of life! Feel free to share in the comments below.

Entrice Rowe, a certified Life Coach who enjoys working with families on creating a home life where peace and order flow naturally, wrote the following post. As a busy wife, and mom of 4 kids: a 9 year old boy, 7 year old girl, and 4 year old boy/girl twins, she knows what it’s like to have moments of doubt in this thing called motherhood. Entrice can confidently say that she works hard to help her clients discover an authentic life that is guilt free. You can find helpful tips on personal growth, parenthood, and relationships on Entrice’s blog. You can connect with her more on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

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