Episode #200. Welcome to episode 200! What a perfect time it is to celebrate consistency. Because it’s easy to celebrate an outcome or achievement, we don’t often celebrate simply showing up.

In honor of this milestone of consistency, I’m sharing 3 things I avoided to keep going and get to episode 200. Whether you’ve got a podcast or a platform you’re posting on consistently, avoiding these 3 things will help you keep it up. Press play now to learn strategies for keeping your dreams alive.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty if you’re thinking about shutting down
  • 3 things to avoid if you want to keep things going in the long run
  • How to lean into a shift instead of pushing through an obstacle
  • Where to set boundaries with being driven by data 
  • Questions to ponder when re-evaluating your platform

Favorite Quotes

“It’s great to celebrate milestones that are about outcomes. It’s also great for us to celebrate the mile markers along the way, that are not based on the outcome of something but are celebrating the work.”

“If you feel yourself getting bored with what you’re doing, think about what you can do to make it more fun, get yourself re-engaged and tap back into that natural flood of energy you had when you first started doing it.”

“There is no scenario where you’re going to create perfection. It does not exist. If it’s taking you a long time trying to be perfect, that’s going to get in the way of publishing consistently.”

Show Transcript: