I first heard of Todd Herman two and a half years ago on Amy Porterfield’s podcast…

He was Amy’s coach, and come on, isn’t that something pretty impressive in itself? I might have pictured Todd a few decades older – cue facepalm. And worse yet I might have told him  that in our interview! LOL

BUT, Todd said somethings on Amy’s podcast that stuck with me. Stuck with me so much that I ended up investing in his 90 Day Year program while on bestrest just TWO DAYS before my scheduled C-Section with Marshall!

He has been an incredible mentor to me and his program has completely shifted the way I view my business and my time.

Jessica and I had the opportunity to interviewed Todd for our podcast (All Up In Your Lady Business Podcas and decide to overlook the whole fact that he is a guy thing because A, he is brilliant, and B, his audience is 70% female..more on that later!

We had some tech issues but this episode was filled with so much gold! Enjoy!

Todd Herman Interview | All Up in Your Lady Business Podcast


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Don’t have time to listen? Here are some highlights….

One of the first things I asked Todd about was his saying, “you can’t build a six-figure business by doing $10/hour tasks“.

That still sticks with me! And when I found out that he was behind so many of the people in the marketing world that I know, love, and trust, AND dozens of professional athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, and other incredible people, I knew I had to get to know him!

So…what is the 90 Day Year?

Let’s face it, it’s getting harder and harder to block out the distractions that come our way. There are hundreds of different platforms to use and articles of information coming our way. We just can’t take it all!!

Todd created a solution with the 90 Day Year program. “I’m trying to solve the problem of focus, choosing, decision-making, and removing overwhelm from business because that’s the stuff that causes us to NOT PERFORM.

But why is it 90 days, you ask? 

“Tons of different studies show that anyone who tries to shoot for a project or goal beyond 90 days, actually creates a high-level of procrastination. Entrepreneurs are really good at starting things and then avoiding them.”

What?! I swear, everything Todd says makes me feel like he’s talking to me.

What’s interesting is that Todd started working with athletes and the mid-season lull. After 90 days, athletes started losing motivation for the rest of their 180 day season, so Todd broke the season into 90 day sprints. And it evolved from there into a robust system.

Todd shared this tidbit about working with his one-on-one clients (like Amy Porterfield!!),

“Once we decide on your goals, you become my enemy. You’ve got your own attitude and behaviours and if you could achieve that goal on your own, you wouldn’t need me. So you are the enemy to accomplishing that goal.”

Todd knows change is hard. He knows that who you are right now isn’t going to be who you are when you accomplish your goal.

When I started the 90 Day Year Program, I was majorly resistant. I fought it tooth and nail…and I had ZERO business growth.

While I was still trying to juggle multiple things and not focusing on a single 90 day goal, nothing happened and it took me a while to overcome that. I finally got into that mindset of committing to it 100% and it really paid off.

What is it about the 90 Day Year community? 

I love that the 90 Day Year has this incredibly tight community. And it was completely intentional. Todd said, “The only way you can win in business is in a team. That’s how you win in this game.”

He says over and over again, “business moves at the SPEED OF RELATIONSHIPS. #micdrop

Todd has this sense of community and mentorship that trickles down to the entire community.

What’s with the alter ego and that whole shebang? 

One of my favorite things Todd teaches is actually a bonus of the 90 Day Year.

It’s about ALTER EGOS. From the beginning of his career, Todd found that developing a persona is a secret of super-performers. Carrying your insecurity onto the stage (whatever your stage may be) won’t help you succeed.

Todd himself has an alter ego, and I absolutely love this. You will almost always find Todd in glasses, but the interesting thing is…he doesn’t need them.

Todd use to have huge insecurities as a young entrepreneur working with huge hotels and restaurants. He kept focusing on himself instead of what he was giving…so he remembered what he learned about alter egos from sports and created one for himself.

He realized he had this belief that people who wear glasses are smarter, so he got himself fake glasses and turned himself into a reverse Clark Kent.

The moment he puts his fake glasses on, he’s clear and decisive. He’s CONFIDENT for his clients because that’s what they’re buying when they work with him.

Now, alter egos aren’t necessarily new, I mean, haven’t we all heard of Sasha Fierce? But when have you heard about alter egos in business?!

Just think about how an alter ego could help you bring the BEST VERSION of yourself, free from insecurities and fears, when you take the stage on a podcast or keynote.

And it’s not about being inauthentic. Todd said, “The world doesn’t work based on thoughts. In business and in life, you get rewarded on how you show up. If an alter ego can help someone get a different experience of you, then your world changes.”

But Todd doesn’t wear his glasses in front of his kids. “They don’t need decisive and confident dad, they need fun and patient,” he explained. “We have all these things inside of us, let’s just make sure they show up on the stages that matter.”

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