Episode #155. What are you doing to bring equity and inclusivity into your business? Trudi Lebron is here with her wealth of experience helping entrepreneurs, coaches and service-based business owners build businesses that are equitable, inclusive and prioritize anti-racism. I learned from Trudi earlier this year and the things she taught put the puzzle pieces in place for me. In this episode, you’ll learn what we really need to bring into our businesses to be equitable and the continuous changes we can make to spark a real transformation.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why we need equity over equality and what that means for you
  • Where there may be disparity in your business and how to fix it
  • How to move past the optics of diversity and into what sparks change
  • Why we need to prioritize consent when building business relationships
  • Marketing don’ts that are making your business less inclusive

Favorite Quotes:

“My vision is that we’re creating this industry that is connected to the impact we have if we can make it more accessible. That when people show up in our spaces, they can achieve whatever transformation they’re looking to achieve. That they’re able to do so in a container that is safe for them, where they’re fully respected, and not just respected but cared for and loved.”

“We need to understand that just because we’re doing the same things with all of our clients, they’re not necessarily experiencing it the same way.” 

“When you decide to go on a journey of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism, we start with, Who are you? What is your identity and have you unpacked your identity?”

Discussed on the Show:

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More About Trudi:

Trudi Lebron, PhD (ABD), is a diversity, equity and inclusion coach who teaches individuals and institutions how to build successful, anti-racist businesses. In the past seven years, she has grown her company, Scriptflip, into a multi-six figure machine for helping others maximize their social impact. Trudi is the host of the Business Remixed Podcast, has been featured in Forbes and was recognized as one of the Hartford Business Journal 40 Under 40 Leaders in 2016. She lives in Hartford with her two children.

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