Episode #153. It’s time to tackle the goal-setting mistakes I’m seeing clients, students, friends and all of the above make when it comes to dreaming up all the incredible things they want to accomplish. In part two of this goal-setting series, you’ll learn the mindset that’s unknowingly keeping you stuck and the keys to connecting with your goals in a way that makes them happen. Listen now to get excited about setting goals and achieving them! 

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How you might get stuck doing business the same as always
  • What to do with your goals after you write them down
  • The key to forming a deeper connection with your goals
  • How to tap into the real power of a vision board 
Whatever you're doing, you're in the business of inspiring others.

Favorite Quotes:

“The thing I see the most is people that don’t even set the goal because they can’t see how to achieve the goal.” 

“Where I see people struggling with their goals is that they write them down, or they put them in a pretty planner, and then nothing.”

“Whatever you’re doing, you’re in the business of inspiring others.”

Discussed on the Show:

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