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Molly’s first business was a photography studio. It was a massive success, and other photographers started asking her how she did it, so she decided to package her knowledge into digital products. Those digital products turned into a $2 million-per-year business, and people started asking her how she did that. Today, Molly helps business owners add passive digital products to their businesses so they can stop trading their time for money and help even more people by sharing their knowledge with the world! Molly currently lives in New Mexico with her husband Aaron and dog Franklin. You can often find them camping in the mountains, road-tripping the southwest, or traveling Europe.

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Favorite Quotes

“I didn’t invent paid challenges. I’ve heard a lot of other creators talking about it, so I definitely don’t take credit for the invention or anything, but it just really makes a lot of sense. Essentially, what you’re doing is using the fact that when people pay attention, they pay attention, which does work.” – Molly Keyser

“If the videos are easy to consume and the homework is easy to do, then, they’re more likely to do the challenge. When they actually do the challenge, they’re going to get results, be happy, and they’re going to end up buying the thing that you’re pitching at the end.” – Molly Keyser

“I definitely think it’s worth the money that people are spending. And ultimately, I also know that because people put that money down, they’re more likely to actually do the work.” – Molly Keyser

“You will never want to be unfair to people who’ve already paid, because that never feels good.” – Molly Keyser

“If you want handholding, coaching, scripts, templates, keep watching and you can see what is all inside my program.” – Molly Keyser

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Turning passions into one’s own digital products that can generate passive income
  • Software is one of the hardest businesses
  • Difference of paid challenge vs free challenge
  • Prioritizing organic marketing instead of ads
  • Ads are expensive
  • Discord as great choice for community building or hosting
  • What the Course Kickstart Challenge is about

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