About Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller helps Agency Owners delegate client work, remove themselves as the bottleneck and step into the CEO role of their agency.

Her podcast, Uplevel Your Agency, is the go-to resource for Agency Owners or any Service Provider who’s looking to get better at delegating client work, improving operations and leading their company.

Nicole brings her experience in managing million-dollar television projects, growing a successful multi-six figure agency herself, and helping dozens of business owners scale with an agency model businesses.

When she’s not supporting business owners, you can find Nicole outdoors with her son, Owen, singing and playing piano, flying a plane (yup, she has a pilot’s license), or walking her dog Scout.

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Favorite Quotes

“Go back to the foundations to make management a lot easier. Whether you decide to continue being in the management or you actually want to delegate, it comes back down to the agency foundations that are so important to not just implement once, but to continue to implement as you continue to grow.”

“We create a team to have diversity of thought and experience. But they still need guidelines to make sure that they’re delivering based on the standards of your company and the quality that you really desire.”

“It’s not about doing things all right away or doing it perfectly by any means.  It’s more about the small incremental changes that are made versus the big changes that sometimes aren’t super sustainable.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to help Agency Owners learn to let go and actually delegate client work
  • How boundaries help great clients from becoming nightmare clients
  • Creating processes for the art of delegation
  • How brand strategies and guidelines help businesses thrive
  • Creative vs. process-oriented roles in the agency 
  • Why a not-so-perfect system for keeping processes, systems and guidelines still work (or work even better)

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