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Linda Sidhu is a list-building expert and strategic partner with Interact (the quiz platform), who helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that bring in hundreds of new subscribers on autopilot.

As a result of her success as a top-ten pharmaceutical sales rep, Linda designed a framework for personality quizzes that converts views to leads at seventy percent. She also personalizes marketing for her customers, many of whom have grown their email lists by the thousands and have had six-figure course launches.

There isn’t a better way to grow your email list than with a personality quiz because if you know your client’s personality type, you can understand their buying decisions and better serve them as a whole.

Linda has been featured in Forbes and on the Cubicle to CEO Podcast with Ellen Yin.

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Favorite Quotes

“Personality quizzes are incredible for business owners because they can segment your list based on someone’s personality. And what that does for you as an entrepreneur is it helps you better understand your clients and it also helps you communicate with them.”

“There’s no right or wrong way to do things. As long as you’re confident in your offer and your business, that’s all that matters, really.”

“Once people take a quiz, they’re really engaged.”

“The amount of research that goes into anything, not just your quiz, is really important for you to have success.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How personality quizzes bring in quality leads for businesses
  • DISC (Dominant, Influencer, Steady, and Conscentious) as the basis of personality quizzes
  • Three reasons to use personality quizzes for your business
  • Tips in writing personality quizzes that converts sales
  • Mistakes to look out for when writing personality quizzes

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