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Jordan Schanda King is a serial entrepreneur and expert on all things scaling and operations. Since first diving into entrepreneurship a decade ago, she has published a book, founded multiple businesses, successfully sold a business, and built a multiple-six-figure agency from scratch in less than a year. Jordan’s agency, Easy Scaling, employs a team of over twenty expert implementers specializing in tech, design, copywriting, and more. Together they help female coaches, agency owners, and service providers scale without burning out so that they can build a sustainable business that they love.

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Favorite Quotes

“The first step for creating an SOP is always figuring out what’s the purpose of this SOP.”

“SOP isn’t usually for you, it’s for them. So create it in a way that’s gonna be intuitive and easy for them to follow.”

“The biggest pitfall that I see with SOPs and systems in general is that people try to make it too complicated if it’s not functional, not effective, and not serving its purpose.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What an agency specializing in strategies and implementations look like
  • SOPs as a handy implementation tool to your business
  • Why SOPs are critical for scaling your business
  • Where to write and keep your SOPs
  • Checklists as an approach to build quality control
  • Workflow vs SOP: do they differ?

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