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Merel Kriegsman, Women’s Wealth Advocate, is dedicated to helping you create millions on your terms and become the wealthiest woman in your lineage.

Her insights, based on helping 1000+ female entrepreneurs step into SELF-FUNDED wealth, with countless alumni experiencing (multiple) 7-figure realities after working with her, have been featured in publications like Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and TEDx.

Spot her in the wild harvesting medicinal herbs with her 3 daughters and husband on their biodynamic farm in the Canadian countryside, or in the haystack, reading erotic fiction in a 1920s lace dress and rubber boots.

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Favorite Quotes

“When we create content that speaks to the intellect, it reaches a certain level. But when you create poetry, it just reaches on a much deeper level, and what people say is that they feel like it has deeply moved them. It has stirred something up for them and it ripples.”

“It’s so deeply ingrained that we only have one chance. That the world’s only going to give us one opportunity to succeed. We don’t give ourselves second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth chances. [But] for example, Richard Branson, he gave himself a lot of chances. He had some really big failures, but he just keeps going… And that creates internal safety—this sense that it’s not necessary for me to always succeed, to always have a payoff. Because I can try again, I can experiment, I can get better at something.”

“It’s really important to equip yourself with a toolbox or a medicine cabinet, however you wanna picture it, of things that you know get you into the frame of mind, and not because somebody told you that you had to be in your 10x courage.”

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Intersecting creative pursuits with business and wealth
  • How to strategically use creative content to achieve business goals
  • What 10X courage means
  • Understanding your risk tolerance
  • How to design your mood to have 10X courage

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