How many times have you been on a sales page and swore they were reading your mind? I mean… literally, goose bumps?

Now it’s your turn to have the same effect on your tribe!

This free guidebook will show you how to:


Search And Discover

I’m going to blow.your.mind with ways you’ve never thought to do market research and teach you how to “hunt” and “gather” your way to knowing your ideal client… with some tools you already have… and others you’ve never even considered!


Lean In And Listen!

Open your ears… and your eyes (Hello, Non-verbal!)… as your tribe tells you exactly what they need, how they need it- and most importantly- why!


Build It Up

By uncovering opportunities, you will set off a burst of creativity and inspiration in yourself, that will help you to connect with your tribe on a deeper level… and build that Know, Love and Trust… like never before.

Read Minds Like Whoa!