Episode #120. Are you ready to upgrade your business network? In this conversation with Chris Winfield, you’ll learn to uplevel your PR mindset and make new connections in a bigger and better way. For those of you who dream of connecting with people who seem way out of your league, think again! You’ll get the formula you need to connect with anyone in this insight-packed episode.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Chris became a super-connector and gained expertise in the world of PR
  • A simple and powerful way to grow your network with the people around you
  • The smart way to connect with the people you dream of meeting 
  • How to use comparison to your advantage
“It’s not about you. It’s about your responsibility to get your message out there.”

Favorite Quotes:

“I just kept meeting people every day, figuring out what I could do to help them, and amazing things started happening for me.”

“The most important thing to remember is that people want to help you.”

“It’s not about you. It’s about your responsibility to get your message out there.”

More About Chris:

Chris Winfield is the Co-Founder and CEO of Super Connector Media (SCM) based in New York City. Chris has successfully built SCM on the concept of Helping One Person Everyday (H.O.P.E.), which has earned him the title of, “The Super Connector,” by many in the media and entrepreneurial worlds. 

As a serial entrepreneur, Chris created Unfair Advantage Live, the world’s premier publicity event connecting entrepreneurs to the media and the Unfair Advantage Accelerator program, supporting entrepreneurs through publicity and marketing into the next level of their businesses.  

Prior to starting Super Connector Media, Chris worked with executives from many of the world’s best-known companies, including Disney, Virgin, Macy’s, Viacom, Conde Nast, Intuit, NBC & many others. To put it simply, Chris gives entrepreneurs an “unfair advantage” when it comes to getting more publicity, making connections and growing their companies. Chris currently lives in New York City with his daughter, Vivienne, his life and business partner, Jen Gottlieb, and their three dogs.

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